A Place to Think


It often happens to me that on a leisure walk in a wooded area, I find inspiration for thinking.  Perhaps a result of solitude, or even the limited company I may keep; it could be the monotony of the flora, and the continuous sounds of birds and other critters that inhabit the forests I frequent.   I have often encountered thoughts about difficult notions that in seconds become clear and easy to grasp. I have faced abstraction in ways that my otherwise busy day doesn’t permit.  I am learning to embrace this process, I can, if necessary tackle complex ideas anywhere, and this is important… however, for the sake of complexity, I will take more walks in the forest.

Do you have a place in which you find it easier to think?


1 Comment

  1. Walks in the forrest or in natural environment generally are the best but library as well is a good place with an interesting book and an open mind free to drift… This is interesting issue, would love to se more comments on this!


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