Entertaining Opposing Ideas My Bring Positive change

These last few days have been about resting and developing new ideas – I have not contribute much to this blog or to any other platform for that reason, but I should be more responsible with my content. I will do my best not to miss too many days.

The challenge was posed to me recently, again, about the need to listen to opposing ideas. My contention, as it has been offered by many before me, is that it is an intelligent proposition to entertain different viewpoints without accepting them.  One of the people arguing against me held the fear of having her mind changed by different arguments and evidence, and she fears this because her beliefs are important to her.  Too often we fall into this thinking trap; one that involves more feeling than thinking, but one that prevents us, as my friend explained, from even wanting to look at different possibilities of thought and belief.

Let me ask you the following: What is so frightening about changing your mind? Why should you be afraid to let go of a belief if you know that you can’t agree with it on a critical level?

Be honest as you answer these questions.

Think about it this way: if proper evidence and sound argument show a notion to be insufficient, there is no need to safeguard it. Change is good if it leads us to better states.  I must reiterate here that good evidence and argument are imperative for this change to be in the right direction, and of these two, evidence is the more important one. Please make sure you understand what this means.

Let me know what you think. What would have you hold onto a belief even when the preponderance of evidence is against it?


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