Learning as a positive lifestyle.

Learning as a Positive Lifestyle


Learning as a positive lifestyle.
Learning as a positive lifestyle.

This is also posted on  Ellis & Dracco, where I talk about leadership and personal development. 

When I talk about Learning as a positive lifestyle, I am referring to the use of that intense desire to know more about the things you enjoy and love for your benefit.  You may have already thought of several of these “things”, in fact, I know you have thought of at least one by the time you finish reading this sentence.

Take that feeling and focus on it for an instant, let that happy feeling that you get when news about your favourite gadget, book, or NetFlix series appears on your newsfeed.  That pleasure can drive you to behave in ways that (perhaps) you had not intended; it’s a motivator to action. If, for example, you had planned to go out with your mates at 5:00 pm, but at 4:00 you found out that the newest episode of Game of Thrones had been released, you might delay that meeting with your friends until 6:00 or the time the episode ended.  In the case that one of, or the person you were about to meet held more value in terms of what information you would receive, it is not unlikely that you would happily wait to watch The Walking Dead at a different time.

You see, it’s all about information and how important that information is to our experience. Some of the best people I know place high value on information that benefits them financially, intellectually, or even physically (as is the case with most of the athletes I work with) – the most successful people I know have made the acquisition of beneficial information into a lifestyle – they actively seek to learn more about the things that help them develop. They are happy to learn how become better at what they do.

I want you to think about how you pursue the notions that are good for you, and more importantly, how you do the same for ideas that hinder your development.

Take care.


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