Science News: May 10, 2017


Death by asteroid may come in unexpected ways.

Every now and then a really big rock from space comes careening through Earth’s atmosphere. Depending on its size, angle of approach and where it lands, few people may notice — or millions could face a risk of imminent death.


‘Baby Louie’ dinosaur identified as a new species.

In the 1980s and 1990s, farmers found thousands of fossilized dinosaur eggs in the rocks of Henan Province in China and sold them overseas. It turned out that one chunk of rock, purchased by a company that sells museum-quality fossils and rock specimens, held not only eggs but also an embryonic dinosaur skeleton. It was dubbed “Baby Louie,” after a National Geographic photographer whose images of it appeared in a cover story for the magazine.


Physicists find a way to control charged molecules — with quantum logic.

Physicists have solved the seemingly intractable puzzle of how to control the quantum properties of individual charged molecules, or molecular ions. The solution is to use the same kind of ‘quantum logic’ that drives an experimental NIST atomic clock.


Oldest evidence of life on land found in 3.48 billion-year-old Australian rocks.

Fossils discovered in ancient hot spring deposits in the Pilbara have pushed back by 580 million years the earliest known evidence for microbial life on land.


UN examines fossil fuel influence in climate talks process.

At this meeting in Bonn, the UN has convened a special workshop on the role of observer organisations that make up a significant proportion of the attendees at these events.


Disclaimer: The opinions stated in these articles are not those of the CTSPortal. All intellectual work is the property of the news organisations linked to in their respective paragraphs. 


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