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The Omnipotence Paradox


There are several questions like this one that bring the idea of an omnipotent being, a being of absolute power like the god of the Abrahamic religions. We can, for example, ponder if God can create a prison so secure that he himself cannot escape it.

This paradox was originally put forth by the medieval Andalusian polymath Averroes, who wondered if it could be possible for god to deny himself. These questions are in and of themselves arguments against the notion of omnipotence, it is how we apply them (and their appeal to logic) to other religious and philosophical concepts that will make a difference in how we perceive truth.

A common modern version of the omnipotence paradox is expressed in the question: “Can [an omnipotent being] create a stone so heavy that it cannot lift it?” This question generates a dilemma. The being can either create a stone it cannot lift, or it cannot create a stone it cannot lift. If the being can create a stone that it cannot lift, then it seems that it can cease to be omnipotent. If the being cannot create a stone it cannot lift, then it seems it is already not omnipotent.[3]

Take some time to formulate similar questions and share them with us. We will publish an article about the paradoxical circumstances you present.

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