How Critical Thinking Is Important To Leadership

This video was created to explain how Critical thinking falls into the purview of leadership and influence. It argues that critical decision must be made regarding how we manage others and our communication in order to arrive at better methods of leadership.

It explains it as follows:

Critical Thinking is the attitudinal disposition to challenge your beliefs and ideas – to test them in order to check if they are true or false.  It is the ability to follow evidence and proper argument when making choices.

It enables you to make just and accurate choices about the world around you, and to give the best possible feedback to those you LEAD based on the observation of evidence and proper argument.

It reminds us that:

Critical thinking starts with an attitude, and a desire to challenge what you think you know to be true, because of the understanding that your ideas can only be considered true when they stand up to proper scrutiny; and more importantly, that you can arrive at solid ways to lead and influence others (better) through critical examination of evidence and argument.

It refers  to this as INTELLECTUAL HONESTY.

As it attempts to explain the root of the concept of critical thinking it reminds us that it comes from the need to separate truth from falsity in order to arrive at more efficient and honest conclusions.

To tie into the idea of leadership it implies that it is an extension of the work of great thinkers of the past, who knew that by persuading people to think critically about their lives, they could lead them to live better.

Enjoy and share if you find it helpful.



  1. Critical thinking: the opposite of what education teaches you; rather than memorizing mountains of information, without the slightest clue what any of it means, you interpret it. Lol, sorry, I just take every opportunity to burn academics. Funny though, that academia always proclaims to demand critical thinking.

    “Much learning does not teach understanding” – Heraclitus

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