Angry Skeptic

The Myth of The Angry Skeptic

Angry Skeptic
The Myth of The Angry Skeptic

There seems to be, at least as it pertains to my experience of conversing with self-declared spiritual people, a very exhausted argument that those of us, who are not disposed to accepting their rules, are angry, sad, and negative.  The latest accusation of my character in this form came from a reader of this page; where, in reply to my post The Hate for Nonsense Part 1, Christ Centered Teaching said:

About your comment, ”yet unseen and unverifiable existences. ”

Jesus Christ is God incarnation in flesh, historically verified and was seen, touched by others among our race. This is not nonsense and the evidence is most likely the source of your angst and dissonance.

I realize in retrospect that the comment itself deserved little to no attention. What else could I have expected from a person or organisation with Christ as the main label in their name? Nevertheless, I took a minute to reply as follows:

There is neither angst nor dissonance where I live; on the contrary, I live free, happy and healthy away from the clutches of myth and superstition. Please share the sources to your claims that Jesus or his existence has been historically verified. Also, where is the evidence? Please note that the bible cannot be submitted as evidence of its one claims – I can’t say something is true just because I said it – this is circular logic.

The typical and tired argument that skeptics are somehow unhappy is a reflection of how the believer would feel if they accepted the fact that their gods were made up by other (just older) insecure and scared little humans.

In your ignorance, you’ve forgone the intellectual responsibility to read more of my posts before affording me your assumptions about my state and character, but is this not what we’ve all come to expect from the believer: thinking they know when they don’t, accepting anything with no evidence? Yes, yes it is…

I was stern and accusative only in response to his erroneous judgement of my character, but I said please, twice. And if I do get angry when in the presence of nonsense, I am not all the time.  No, I do not live in a constant state of unhappiness, nor do I long to argue against the asinine claims of religion, I wish they didn’t come up as often as they do. I am, quite to the contrary, a very positive person who chooses not to allow emotion to control his behaviour. I love my family, my partner, and my friends. I am crazy about dogs and other cute animals; I can, and often will spend hours enjoying that part of the internet dominated by cats. I have an obscene predilection with mum’s food, and to my merit, with the relatively new phenomenon of craft beer. I have written before about my distrust of (unchecked) emotions, but I reiterate that I do have feelings; I am simply not controlled by them.

Yes, I hate the type of nonsense that religion and new age esoteric circles promote, every responsible human should because of the danger it poses to our societies. But I don’t hate the people who espouse them; they are, as I committed to in another post, in need of my most persuasive approach to changing their worldview.

There it is; I’m not angry all the time; I seldom want to be. Anger and negativity a


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