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The Challenge: Moving From Metaphysics To Science

Then it becomes evident that the move from the metaphysical confusion surrounding contemplative practices such as mindfulness will be a struggle.  Nevertheless, it is a struggle that I am willing to endure. I will write more about this as the weekend progresses. I have much to say about the subjects (both, mindfulness and the silly supernatural bit); it is evident that the sums of the benefits these practices bring to the human condition are worth arguing over.  At least, and I say this carefully as to avoid confusion, their objectively observable benefits are absolutely worth fighting over.
My reason for sharing this tonight is the result of a small Twitter campaign involving the hashtag #mindfulness. After only ten (10) tweets, only five (5) of which included links to my articles, I have been followed by a number of business people, productivity and communication experts, and regular folks who are just curious about the things I write. However… and here is the kicker: influxes of self-proclaimed spiritual people have taken the initiative to write to me and let me know how wrong I am about everything I say. That it is apparently impossible to observe my propositions from a scientific or materialistic point of view; that anything that has to do with the mind and how consciousness manifests in thought, cannot be quantified.  Many have gone as far as to tell me to stop trying. I truly believe that these are the friends who took the time to read my work. Yet others seem to have reflexively clicked the follow button; perhaps prompted by a word that triggered some familiar emotion. To them I say that it is important to know who or what you are supporting, the ideas I hold to be true may conflict with yours an offend you. Consider reading what I share, carefully.

After reading through the dreadful amount of recycled arguments against science and its narrative on the mind, I have concluded that replying to most of these messages would be a tremendous chore, but one that I may take on if the time allows it. But before this… for the closed minds that refuse to look past the limits of their own insincere religious constructs, I have a simpler message: you are wrong – you cannot make your subjective experience into an objective fact – do not try.


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"Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence."

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