Worried about thinking

By Peyton Dracco

I apologize if I bore you with what seems like senseless diatribe on society, but today, I’m worried. I want to share some of the things that worry me with you, and if you would indulge my words for only a few minutes, I can assure you that we share most of these concerns.


Today, more than before I am worried by the state of affairs relating to human thinking. Perhaps, what I see and sense as a detriment to our society (and civilization) is the product of our previous generations’ philosophy on individuality. We seem to have systematized, and institutionalized the idea that we should not make judgements, or that all ideas are deserving of merit – an ostensible misinterpretation of Kantian ethics. I worry that the nobility of moral relativism is what makes it dangerous, that we may not see our mistakes through the cover of sensible tolerance; that we are creating a world where platitudes and clichés are not in place to impart knowledge or to make us think, but as shortcuts that allow us to bypass thinking all together.


Probability alone tells us that not all ideas can be good, that even if there are no “bad ideas” at any particular point, that some thoughts must be “less good” than others. How then, did we arrive at conclusions of relativism? How do we question our right to speak against clear violations of logic and reason? How do we endorse acts that not only infringe into our moral sensibilities but directly trespass into our human rights, dignity, and integrity? I worry about all these, and though I crave answers, today, and likely due the misanthropy brought on by the experiences of my last few days, I am at a loss….


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